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Do you Need Help.?

You can get support for your IT problems. Internet Access, EkoID, e-Mail, Web Pages, Notebooks and for all other IT subjects please contact with us for the exact solution.

Support by e-Mail

student-helpdesk@ieu.edu.tr academic-helpdesk@ieu.edu.tr helpdesk@ieu.edu.tr

Every support request that you submitted by e-mail are recorded automatically and answered by our team of experts.

Support by Phone
Call us to get Phone Support from a technicain expert. We’ll avaliable to answer your questions regarding products and services, licenses and more.
CALL US: (0-232) 488-8279

Remote Support
Do not waste time. Let us solve your computer problems remotely.

Office Support
For all of your IT requests just refer to the Helpdesk office.

ON-SITE Support
Get in ON-SITE support for your IT problems that can be corrected only in your place.for ON-SITE SUPPORT