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Our university is a member of Microsoft Dreamspark Premium where you can download Microsoft software products for free. Izmir University of Economics students and academicians can benefit from this service.

Dreamspark is a project of Microsoft applied around the world. With this project, you can download server, operating system, office and programming along with many other applications (Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Windows Server Windows Server, SQL Server) free of charge.

In order to benefit from this service, all you have to do is to fill out a digital request form indicating that you are a student/staff of our university. Your application will be processed within 24 hours and if approved, your membership will be activated. You can start using the service with the account information that will be sent to you once your program membership is activated.


+ DreamSpark can be used for educational purposes only. The user admits that he/she will use this application for this purpose.

+ You are not allowed to use the product keys of the application you downloaded via DreamSpark more than 2 times.

+ You may use the product key you own in 2 different computers you use for academic purposes, or in a computer you will reload.

+ DreamSpark does not include the Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, etc.


Soon, you will be able to subscribe to Office 365 to benefit from Microsoft Office services for free…

– DreamSpark Standard User Agreement:
– DreamSpark Premium User Agreement:
– DreamSpark FAQ:

+ I am an IEU Microsoft Dreamspark Member.

+ I Would Like to Become a Member.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please completely fill out the information requested on the page you wil be directed. The e-mail account you are requested to submit should be the one with “@std.ieu.edu.tr” extension provided for you by our university. Applications with other e-mail addresses are not approved.