PER Kullanım Esası-

Instructions for Laptop Use of Academic-Administrative Staff

1 – All technical support under warranty and tracking for any hardware problems of the laptop given to you are carried out by the Help Desk. Any tampering or repair done by unauthorized services renders the warranty null and void.

2 – The laptop computers are delivered with one original battery. Since battery hardware is a consumable product, battery life might end. In such cases you can apply to Help Desk and request for a new battery. If deemed necessary after the technical check, a new battery will be provided for one time only, after the old battery is returned to Help Desk.

3 – The laptops are delivered with one original adapter. In the event that the adapter is lost or stolen, a new one will be provided for a fee. If the charger has a defect for which the user is not responsible, the university will provide a new one once the old one is returned.

4 – The laptops are delivered with one original case. In the event that the case is lost, stolen or damaged, a new case will not be provided. Since the device must be returned with all its accessories at the time of release, the cost of the case will be collected from the user.

5 – If the user’s laptop computer gets stolen, the cost of the computer will be collected from the user.

6 – If defects occur due to user error, the repair cost for the defective part or parts will be collected from the user.

7 – If requested and available, a substitute laptop will be provided by the university while the user’s laptop is being serviced.

8 – Users can buy their laptop at a price determined by the university when it has been used for 3 years. The university reserves the right to cancel the sale of the laptop.

9 – Staff members who will be away for more than 6 months for reasons such as military service, study abroad, MA or PhD programs without a release have to return their laptops.