PER Kişisel Bilgisayar-


Internet Access Activation service is provided for personal computers, tablet computers and mobile phones used by university academic staff. For this service you need to apply to Help Desk in person together with the device you wish to activate and your staff ID card.

Internet access will be activated once you sign the “Internet Access Activation” form prepared for you with your personal information and get it approved by your Department Head.

You need to choose “Ekonet-Staff” option for Internet connection with the activated devices.

Internet access is activated based on the following criteria:

1. Internet Access Activation is valid within a given academic year and is automatically invalidated by the system at the end of the academic year.

2. The staff members who activated their Internet access are assumed to have accepted the following terms and conditions (“Conditions for the Cancellation of Activation”).

Conditions for the Cancellation of Activation

1. Detection of any kind or derivative of VIRUS in your computer
2. Running of applications which slow down intra-campus network traffic
3. Sharing of pirate or unlicensed software, music and film files
4. Attempting to use Proxy Servers
5. Unauthorized access or damage to computers of other users in the network
6. Port scan
7. Attempting to send mass (spam) mail
8. Attempting P2P connection (Kazaa, Emulex, Imesh, Napster etc.)
9. In the event of any of the above, the owner of the personal hardware accepts that his/her intra-campus Network connection will be cut within a week and recurrence of the same offense for three times will cause the blocking out of his/her registration.

Sample Form