OGR veritabanı

Personal Database Service

IT Directorate provides the students with MySQL database service to be used in personal web space. You can add database support to the web pages you have designed.

You need to apply for database by sending an e-mail request to student-help@ieu.edu.tr. The database is created upon your request. You can get your connection information from IT Help Desk office after your request.

Database Service for Research

For research purposes you can use the databases Izmir University of Economics Directorate of Library subscribes. You can access these databases at our university without changing any settings in your computer. You can also access the databases from outside of the university by changing your vpn settings.

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+ For VPN Settings Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. You can have access to university library databases from outside of the campus. You can reach the necessary settings for this service from HERE

Make sure that your DNS settings are done automatically. For user name and password, you have to enter your EkoID information.