OGR iade işlemi


Graduating students who have a laptop computer given on receipt by our university need to return their computers in order to complete their release process. Students who wish to retain their laptop computers may purchase them before they graduate.

Students who do not wish to purchase their laptop computers could return them prior to the graduation ceremony to complete their release process

The laptop computer that will be returned is required to be

Free of damage, in working condition, and complete. Additional hardware and equipment (notebook case, battery, charger, network cable) also need to be damage-free, complete and in working condition. The repair cost of any damage found in the product being returned is collected from the student.

Once the conditions mentioned above are met, an IT release form is prepared by the Help Desk Staff and given to you.

Not: The laptop computer must be returned prior to the graduation ceremony. In cases where the laptop is not returned before that date, an additional 90-day grace period is given. If the computer is still not retuned by the end of the grace period, legal action will be commenced.