PER laptop servis


The laptops provided to staff members have Windows operating system.

For hardware problems, bring your laptop to Help Desk office.

Help Desk staff logs the failure and send your computer together with the failure logging to the authorized service.

The user is informed about the repair process by an SMS sent to the mobile phone number indicated on the form.

For products outside the warranty the staff member is informed about the cost of repair determined by the authorized service. If the staff member deposits the fee into the account of authorized service, the product is repaired and delivered to the user.

Cases that cause exclusion from warranty coverage:

In cases of client errors such as dropping, force, rough handling, slogging, spills, changing of system’s bios passwords and so on, the whole, or parts of the computer, is excluded from the warranty.

Warranty Coverage Period:

Warranty coverage period is 3 years after the delivery of the computer to you. Battery warranty period 2 years or 200 full charges.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular :

For all kinds of problems, contact Help Desk Office located in the campus by e-mail ( If this is not possible, you can apply in person to report the failure. The authorized staff at Help Desk will help you in identifying and fixing the problem. The user is responsible to backup any data that may be lost during the repair process.

In the event of the damage caused by user errors such as dropping, rough handling of the product, liquid damage or bios password change, the user should apply to Help Desk within two days and fill out a form explaining the incident that caused the problem. The repair process is carried out based on the information provided on the form. Any cost for damages caused by user error is paid by the user.

The warranty period for the laptops given to you by the university is 3 years from the date of delivery. Warranty period for the battery is 2 years or 200 full charges.

– Damages caused by mishandling, dropping or misuse (breaks, scratches, etc.)
– Damages due to technical modifications done by unauthorized people
– Damages due to liquid spills
– Forgotten passwords which render the product unusable
– Damages and losses due to computer virus attacks
– Specifying “BIOS” and “DISK” passwords