PER ilisik kesme

Release Proceedings

For IT release process:

You need to return the laptop computer given to you on receipt to Help Desk. The computer is checked upon return. In cases of damage or missing parts, the responsibility rests with the user and any damage/repair cost, as specified in the authorized technical service report, is collected from the user.

If you inform the IT staff through concerning the return of the products on receipt other than the laptops, the returning process is initiated.

Once the returned hardware controls are completed and the release process you started over DYS system is approved by our directorate, the release process is completed.

You can purchase your laptop on receipt if terms for purchase are met.

Staff members who will be away for more than 6 months for reasons such as military service, study abroad, MA or PhD programs without a release have to return their laptops.

The responsibility for all kinds of hardware and software on receipt rests with the user.

In the event of release, your account for IT services (DMS, e-mail, Web) is closed within 15 days unless specified otherwise.