PER Printout-

You can use the printer services offered to our university staff by using the computers in communal areas or by using the designated printers located in close proximity to you. Each computer given to our staff on receipt is delivered with a specified printer in the closest proximity. No additional adjustment or designation is required for PrintOut process.

To use the PrintOut service, you need to have created your EkoID. You need to use your EkoID information when you want to get a print-out from your personal computer or those located in communal areas.

“You can access your “Central Printer System” information by using your EkoID at

Frequently Asked Questions: :

Yes. The Internet access of your laptop has to be activated for you to use this service. For this process, apply to our Help Desk office. Your laptop will be registered, and the required software will be installed, specifying the closest printer to your office.