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Each staff member at our university is provided with an e-mail address.

The E-MAIL account is activated by you using the EkoID Login Key delivered to you by Human Resources Directorate. The E-MAIL address of each user is automatically created after the activation of EkoID. How To Activate EkoID?

E-MAIL address format is as

You can access your E-MAIL account at

If you forget your E-MAIL account password, you need to contact IT Help Desk with your ID card.

The default quota of your E-MAIL is 2 GB.

For detailed information about “Webmail Collaboration Suite” CLICK HERE

How to adjust the Thunderbird Settings of your e-mail account?

The default quota of your e-mail is 2 GB

You can send a request to or to have your quota increased. Your request will be evaluated and if considered as appropriate, your quota will be increased.

You can use your e-mail account through any web based browser. If you wish, you can also use it with Thunderbird Mail application after you identify your account.

You can send a request to or to change your mail address.