PER Central Disk Space-


The aim of the Central Disk System (MDS) service is to archive the institutional data processed/prepared by academic and administrative units within the scope of institutional memory and to provide maximum protection for these data against environmental problems such as hardware failure, theft, deformation and vandalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You can use Fileserver to backup, store and share data. You can secure the institutional data in your computer by copying them in this area.

Default capacity for file copy for each unit is 10 GB.

For security reasons off-campus access to fileserver is blocked off.

Units/Directorates could have different policies. To share the files with other Units or Directorates, you can use the Public folder in fileserver.

The files in the fileserver are deleted automatically at 23:59:59 every Sunday.

The files in common folder are stored unless the person who copied the files deletes them.