PER Web Alani-


It is a space reserved for you to publish your personal web page. You can also use databases in your web space.

You web space is ready for use after you create your EkoID account.

Your default web space quota is 300Mb’s.

Help Document for Personal Web Space (Filezilla)

Neden web alanı?

– The possibility to create your own web page
– To design an online web page with database support
– The ability to use web space as an external hard drive

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every staff member in our university has a web space, which can be accessed online and reserved for personal use. Your web space is a domain reserved in the server where your files are stored for you to publish your web page online. Default quota for your web space is 300MBs.

Default address to access your web space is (Example: To access this space you have to use your EkoID information. For more information on use of personal web space CLICK HERE.

Contact Help Desk to check your web space activation status.

You need your Eko ID password to use your web space. If you don’t know or forgot your EkoID password, you can get it by applying to Help Desk with your staff ID.

At our university, there is a database space reserved for every staff member and accessible online. To activate database space all you need to do is to send an e-mail request to