PER internet

You can have CABLED and WIRELESSaccess to internet. The device you will be using for Internet access must be registered.

If the university gives you a laptop computer on receipt, it is delivered as already registered.

Wireless SSID’s
Eduroam: for eduroam members.

Internet Registration of the Device in Your Personal Use

You need to bring the device that you wish to register to IT Help Desk office together with your staff ID card. An application form will be prepared in your name. You then will be asked to read and sign the form and get it approved by your department head.

Once you sign the form, Internet registration is activated and you can start to use it.

IMPORTANT NOTE : You can have Internet access with the last device you registered. In order to connect to Ekonet-Staff, your computer needs to have Securew2 program. The pages identified as having inappropriate content within the scope of our university network services are automatically blocked by the main firewall systems. It is forbidden to use internet access for inappropriate purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Bring the device you want to register to Help Desk office.
2. Give your device to Help Desk staff together with your Staff ID Card.
3. Get the “Internet Activation Form” given to you approved.
4. Hand in the approved form to Help Desk staff.

Once the form is turned in, Internet Access will be activated. Afterwards, you can have Internet access through “Ekonet-Staff.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: SecureW2 must be installed in the computers with the operating systems before Windows 8. Also certificate must be installed in Apple products. You can access the necessary programs from DOWNLOAD page.

If your laptop had been previously activated for the Internet, activation does not have to be renewed. You can have Internet access through Ekonet-Staff wireless network.

For Ekonet-Staff connection TTLS certificate must be installed.

Yes, you need to bring your personal device and staff ID card to Help Desk office and fill out an Internet Access form.

Make sure your laptop computer’s DNS settings are adjusted automatically.