OGR laptop servis


Hardware and software (Linux) support is provided for the laptop computers given to Izmir University of Economics students in the previous years.

For a hardware malfunction, bring the laptop to Help Desk office.

The Help Desk office logs failure and sends the laptop computer to authorized service together with the failure report form.

Notification about the hardware sent to service is done by SMS to the GSM phone listed in the failure report form.

The student is informed about the price quoted by the authorized service for products that are not covered by the warranty. Once the user approves the quotation and deposits the amount to the authorized service’s bank account, the hardware is fixed and delivered to the student.

Cases That Cause Exclusion From Warranty Coverage:

In cases of client errors such as dropping, force, rough handling, slogging, spills, changing of system’s bios passwords and so on, the whole, or parts of the computer, is excluded from the warranty.

Warranty Coverage Period:

Warranty coverage period is 3 years after the delivery of the computer to you.

Battery warranty period 2 years or 200 full charges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can contact the Help Desk and put in a request for hardware repair. If your device is still under warranty and the problem is not caused by client error, the repair is done by the authorized service within the scope of the warranty.

For damages after the warranty period or those excluded by warranty, paid repair services are offered by the authorized service. The repair is done once you approve the fee determined by the authorized service. This process is also followed by the Help Desk Office.

For hardwares model HP 4535s the warranty expires at the end of September 2014.
For hardwares model HP 4545s the warranty expires at the end of September 2015.
For detailed information, you can contact Help Desk Office.

Make sure your computer’s DNS settings are done automatically.

The CPU fan of your computer might need cleaning. You can contact the Help Desk to send it to technical service.

Support services are not provided for systems other than Linux operating system.

For computers which were previously registered for the Internet, no reactivation is necessary after formatting.

Any malfunction caused by client errors (breakage, liquid contact, damages caused by blow or dropping, forgetting the BIOS password, etc.) are excluded from the coverage of warranty.

If your computer is serviced by authorized service companies, the device is excluded from warranty.