OGR webalani


These spaces are allocated for you to publish your personal web page. Students who wish to use the web need to apply in person with their ID cards to Help Desk office. Pursuant to your request, your website is activated and becomes ready for your use.
Web site predefined quota is 120 Mb.

You need to use EkoID username and password to access your web site.

Personal Web Site Access Help Document (Filezilla)

Why Web Space.?

– The ability to create one’s own web page.
– The ability to design online web page with database support.
– The ability to use web site as an external disc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You need to get support from Help Desk office by applying in person.

Send your request to IT Directorate through Student and Institutional Activities Directorate. Your request will be evaluated and if considered appropriate, a web space will be created and assigned to you.