OGR Print-Out


Our students can purchase printer credit cards from Help Desk Office to benefit from print-out services.

The lowest credit that can be purchased is 5 TL. Students can top up their printer credit cards at Financial Affairs Directorate teller.

You can contact Help Desk Office with your topped-up card and purchase a Print Out Card. You can use printout services after you activate your account online.
For PrintOut services, you need to use your EkoID information.

You can use the printers in the Faculty of Arts and Design (D Block), located onthe second floor of the building for color and A3 print-outs

For detailed information about “Ekoprint Printer Services” CLICK HERE

Steps to Activate Printer Credit Card

– Login in the URL http://printer.izmirekonomi.edu.tr
– Click Activate Card button
– Enter Card Number
– Click Redeem button

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can get print-out services by using the computers located in communal areas in the campus.
For this service you need to follow the steps below:

1 – Top up minimum of 5 TL in your Student ID card from Financial Affairs Directorate teller.
2 – Purchase a credit card for 5 TL from Help Desk Office.
3 – Get your print-out from computers located in communal areas.

A4 B/W 0.25TL
A3 B/W 0.50TL
A2 B/W 1.00TL
A1 B/W 2.00TL
A4 Color 0.50TL
A3 Color 2.00TL
A2 Color 4.00TL
A1 Color 8.00TL

*For specific print-outs other than A4 B/W, you can use the printers located on the second floor of the Faculty of Arts and Design building (D Block).

You need to use your Eko ID information.