OGR internet

In order to be able to benefit from the Internet services at our university, you need to have your mobile device (laptop computer, tablet pc, mobile phone) with Internet connection feature activated.

In order to activate your Internet Access, come to Help Desk office with the device you plan to use and your student ID card in person, and sign the Activation Form prepared in your name.

Internet access could be through cabled or wireless connection.

Cable Ports You Can Use

– Dormitory rooms and community use areas in the dormitory
– The ports in the classrooms
– The ports in cafeterias campus-wide

Wireless SSID’s You Can Use

Eduroam: (For eduroam members only)


Only one device could be activated for Internet Access. You can transfer your Internet registration to another device for up to three times a year. For this process, you need to apply to Help Desk Office in person.

Pages considered to contain inappropriate material within our network services are blocked automatically by main firewall systems. It is forbidden to use the Internet access for improper purposes.

The Internet access for the laptop computers given to our students in the previous years on receipt are also open. Our students do not need to change any settings or apply for activation for these computers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, new set up does not require new activation. However, if you do not have Internet access, please apply to Help Desk.

Make sure your DNS settings of your laptop computer are adjusted automatically.

You can change Internet registry change for up to three (3) times a year.